Venture Yacht Sales – Roy Pinney


Roy came to me with a vision for his website to be different than other yacht brokers. He makes use of the landing page design through direct marketing and sends potential clients to the site from his email marketing campaigns. Roy wanted nostalgic mental triggers in a clean modern design…. And lots of video — with Audio….


Website Shots

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Venture Yacht Sales - IntroIntroduction Video – Roy wanted an intro video and insisted on music which (I removed for this site) – Jan Hammer, Miami Vice Theme. The video then fades out and a new video replaces it.


Venture Yacht Sales -Sec1Biography – A beach scene with waves and palm trees. Again background music – The Doors, Riders on the Storm. The music is on a separate file to continue to play as the viewer scrolls the site.
An indication to scroll fades in. Clicking for Auto-scroll brings up the biography section.


Venture Yacht Sales - Testimonial SectionThis is the Testimonial section.Scroll to next section and a last and final video fades in upon scroll – Underwater scene looking up to the sunlight breaking through.


Venture Yacht Sales - Sec3 ContactScroll to the bottom – Contact section brings another tropical scene video background and ways to contact Roy.  Clicking connect via email pops up a modal with a form. Validated via Javascript client-side and re-validated in server-side to be sure.  Ajax is used to keep the site all on one page.



The website is built on bootstrap framework and HTML5 along with some custom Javascript to make the magic happen along with WOW.js to add fades and slides.
All in All, this was a fun project for a great client.  I enjoyed the challenge of getting the 4 videos to work in progression and work around browser limitations for Chrome mainly blocking video with sound. The sound is typically frowned upon in webdesign, but this website is created for a focused niche that will be directed from emails and a warning can be placed there prior to the user clicking through.

Additions to this web marketing campaign will be added in the future…

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