Mondo Gita – A Social Travel Website is a social traveling network of friends. An online meeting grounds for like minded travelers to meet, make friends, and make travel plans.


Website Shots


Mondo Gtia - Travel with Friends - WelcomeWelcome to MondoGita – A slider with enticing photos of places to see and an area to advertise special events.
Mondo Gtia - Travel with Friends - part2Front Page – Users will find the top destinations, Groups, and Friends.
Mondo Gtia - Travel with Friends GroupsGroups – User created groups for destination focused online meeting grounds. Users can create and modify their groups and invite other people to join.
Mondo Gtia - Travel with Friends - FriendsFriends – Find people, make friends, and have fun. Connect with friends all over to travel the world like a local.



The website is built with WordPress and the BuddyApp Theme.

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