Many times I need backgrounds and scenery for a web or graphic project. Instead of using stock photography that is kind of generic looking and must be purchased, I like to go out and capture my own photographs. Occasionally they have to be edited with Adobe Photoshop to remove people in the background or I just want a specific piece to add to my design. These albums are some of my favorite shots everything from landscapes to wild animals.

You Know..   a thousand words…”


These are photographs of artworks, sculptures and other creative elements. Maybe I’ll throw in some creative camera shots and my own traditional artwork just for … READ ON


I always enjoy taking photos of wildlife in their natural habitat. Taking the time and keeping far enough not to disturb animals helps to get … READ ON


I take a great many photographs of the scenery when I travel. Many times I use the photographs for backgrounds in art and design. You … READ ON

Floral Photographs

This is a collection of photographs taken from places around the world. I like to take pictures of the beautiful plants and trees of the … READ ON